“Shutka Roma Rap“: Go out and vote for whomever you want!

Rappers Al Alion and Ismet Dede on voting without distress:[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]

Al Alion: Like all others, we too have our rights and our right is to vote for whoever we want. Without intimidation from anyone, neither from friends nor from neighbors, NOT that! Go out and vote for whoever you want to vote for. Without any unease, just go out and vote freely.

Ismet Dede: What do elections mean? An election means to elect freely, by your own will, without any prejudice, ethnic, economic or political. All of our citizens in Macedonia must go out and vote in free will.  And, indeed, freely without any fear, and without pressure from any which side.

Al Alion: Certainly, with no fear, just go out and vote for who you want to vote for.

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