INTEGRATION Shekerinska: We’re proud of our history, but we must try to solve problems

We don’t want to be held hostage to the dark sides of Balkan history. We have a history of which we are proud, but that we must try to solve the problems, Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska said Friday.

Answering a reporter’s question following the event on Norwegian donation of rapid COVID-19 tests, Shekerinska said “Our anti-fascist past has put us on the right side of history, but today’s challenges cannot be solved solely if we are with both feet in the past. That is what European countries did just a few years after the bloodiest war in their history.”

In this direction, as she added, is the last interview of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev which sends messages of reconciliation and looking towards the future.

“No one in Europe has taken a step away from conflicts and suffering by talking only about them, but by making difference what we have seen, what we have felt when we suffered and what we want to be,” Shekerinska added.

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