DAILY BRIEF September 19: SPO, prosecutors, budget rebalance, postponed trial…

NEWS OF THE DAY: Two more SPO prosecutors will continue representing cases

Former prosecutors in the SPO Stevco Donev and Elizabeta Josifovska will further continue to represent the cases “Trista” and “Total”. Before Donev and Josifovska, three more former prosecutors in the SPO were authorized by State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski to represent the cases they had been handling until now. Fatime Fetai and Gavril Bubevski continued to handle “Monster”, while Lence Ristoska the “Talir 2” case.

SDSM calls on all parliamentary groups to support budget rebalance with which an increase of salaries is subsidized

Jovan Mitrevski, coordinator of SDSM parliamentary group, at a press conference today urged all parliamentary groups in the Parliament of the RNM to vote on the rebalance of the Budget for 2019, which according to the ruling party provides new benefits for the citizens. According to SDSM, the average salary has increased by 3.5%. An increase of GDP of over 3 percent in the first two quarters of the year is also noted. “The unemployment rate is at historical low level of 17.5%”, announced Mitreski.

“Talir 2” postponed for October 15

The trial for the “Talir 2” case is postponed for October 15, with the purpose of further regulating the lawyers’ power of attorney. The case is led by Judge Daniela Aleksovska Stojanovska, while Lence Ristoska from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje is representing the case. Judge Stojanovska informed those present that they are considered as properly summoned and for the power of attorney to be regulated and for a representative from VMRO-DPMNE to be summoned for the next hearing.


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev today met with OLAF Director-General, Ville Itala, where they spoke about intensifying the cooperation between North Macedonia and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

The German Bundestag will give green light for the start of the negotiations of the Republic of North Macedonia with the EU, at the session that will be held on September 26, when the item for our application will be on the agenda.

What is it that Mickoski does not want the public to find out about the “Racket” case – is the main question which, on behalf of SDSM, asked Kosta Kostadinov at a press conference.

Allocating funds where it will be most efficient and where greater economic effects can be achieved is the goal of the proposed rebalance of the Budget, which as of today is on the agenda of the parliamentary Committee on Financing and Budget.

State President Stevo Pendarovski, President of Parliament Talat Xhaferi, ministers and other senior officials from institutions participated at the first consultative meeting of the Task force for coordination of state institutions for combatting misinformation and attacks on democracy.


CIVIL is organizing a workshop titled “Green Future”, dedicated to green values, social justice and antinationalism, which will be held September 20 at the City Library – Borka Taleski, Prilep, starting at 1.00 pm.

CIVIL’s workshop is an opportunity for all socially active citizens, regardless of where they come from, whether they are part of the non-governmental sector, or part of a party, to express their opinions and proposals.

CIVIL in the municipalities of Vevcani, Struga, Ohrid, Resen, Bitola, Novaci, Mogila and Prilep tomorrow and the day after will promote the project “Green Future”, which the organization is implementing in cooperation with Heinrich Bǒll, Sarajevo. CIVIL announces a new series of regional seminars within the framework of the project Civic Lenses: Promoting transparent and responsible political processes. The first seminar of this series will be held in Stip, and registration has already started. The title of the seminar is “Civic Lenses: Citizens participate, observe and report”.


The rent of spoilt Horhe

The voiceless in the machinery of Gruevski’s criminal Family, the man who we compared to a decorative plant that is put in corners at home. Or Horhe, which is thought to be according to a character in the Monty Python comedy, though the genesis of the nickname is more serious. A colleague of mine from the media called him this way because he won his first mandate in the style of the arranged elections in the South American dictatorship countries, writes Xhabir Deralla.

Law? Justice?

A former president said to me in one occasion: “The law faculty is the source of all the problems in our country”. I don’t know if this is so (it sounds a bit apocalyptic), but in my experience as well (not just from the above two examples) and from Priebe’s findings, and also from what we see every day in our judicial system, even if it doesn’t cause problems (and it does), it’s clear that it doesn’t produce many solutions to the problems, writes Aleksandar Krzalovski.

Angela Petrovska

Translation: N.Cvetkovska

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