JUSTICE Ruskovska: Mijalkov can’t cross border because his passport has been seized

Sasho Mijalkov can’t cross the border because his travel document has been seized, but I don’t know if he has other passports, Vilma Ruskovska, chief prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime, told Slobodna TV’s Morning Briefing show on Tuesday.

She said she has not been informed whether Mijalkov also has Czech and Croatian passports.

“I don’t know anything about other passports. All cases against Mijalkov were started by the former Special Prosecutor’s Office. I know he has a travel document issued by the Republic of North Macedonia, but we’ll have to ask colleagues from the former SPO about other passports,” Ruskovska said.

Asked whether Mijalkov can legally cross the border with a passport issued by another country, Ruskovska noted that due to the ongoing trial against him and the fact that his Macedonian travel document has been seized, border officials should not let him exit the country.

“Mijalkov cannot leave the country legally. If he has left the country, which I have no information that he has done, than he has done so illegally,” Ruskovska stressed.

She underlined that she has no intelligence that Mijalkov has left the country. The police, Ruskovska said, is interrogating people close to Mijalkov, adding that his phones and PCs have been seized and will be inspected.

According to police reports, she noted, Mijalkov was last seen entering Marriot Hotel with his wife at 3 pm.

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