Rejection, condemnation and demand for apology from Ljupco Zlatev’s portal

With indignation and strong condemnation, we reject the insinuations, lies, slanders and hidden hate speech in the text „(AFFAIR) BURROW FOR PROPAGANDA (2): Represents himself as a non-governmental activist, and works for SDSM!”, published on Ljupco Zlatev’s portal on May 9, 2020.

No need for additional explaining, but rather we can just conclude that this is an example of what is not journalism.

We demand an apology from and from all those who have published this text.

We expect the regulatory bodies and media organizations to condemn this latest attack on CIVIL and on journalist Xhabir Deralla and the editorial office in which he works.

We expect the institutions of justice, within their legal authorizations and duties, to take appropriate measures for such actions.

CIVIL Communication Team

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