ACTION Rahman: Dealing with nationalism requires inter-institutional cooperation

Ilhan Rahman, Deputy Minister for Political System and Inter-Community Relations at CIVIL’s “Greens Are Coming 2020” conference on green values, social justice and anti-nationalism, said nationalism leads to isolation, radical movements, and that the current government’s priority is building a society for all and rejections of all radical movements.

“Nationalism often brings hate speech, our system provides ideas for protection from it, but to succeed in the fight, inter-ministerial and inter-institutional cooperation is needed. “The prosecution and the ombudsman are important bodies, I believe that the new Anti-Discrimination Law will bring more importance, I expect it to have a positive impact,” Rahman added.

Rahman stressed that the fight against fake news must be pushed to the end and defeated as well as dealing with nationalism, which requires engagement between institutions. Rahman believes that the country is making progress in that area and expects all stakeholders to contribute and overcome this phenomenon.

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