BURST Profiteers

Most people understand politics well. With every deceitful step that politicians make, the trust melts away and the revolt grows. Perhaps the political culture is not at a high level, but it is developed quite enough to see the real needs and value of the strategic interests of society and the state.

Xhabir Deralla

VMRO-DPMNE will knuckle under, but only seemingly. They will support the referendum, of course, half-heartedly. Mickoski took a leap, but only with one foot, so that it doesn’t turn out that he capitulated completely under the pressure of the domestic and world democratic public, but also under the pressure of the democrats in the party in which he serves as a décor of a leader.

The party is disunited to such an extent that regardless of the official position this discredited party will take, it will not have any special effect on the decision of its members. A large part of them will be voting at the referendum anyway, many FOR, while the statements for the public again will not mean much for those who have decided to boycott. They will be following instructions of those who are paying them or have managed to convince them to work for free against their own country.

It is also very likely that the faithful supporters of the Family, whose loud speaker is Mickoski, will receive different guidelines for voting on September 30, perhaps even completely opposite to the public declaration. ‘Never mind what I say before the foreigners, I had to, you carry on as previously” is the message that was being distributed through the obedient party infantry before as well, when important decisions were to be made in the country. This could could also be the case now, ahead of the referendum that is rightly being compared to the one of 1991, when Macedonia became an independent state.

This time, almost on time, MANU also communicated, a mastodon institution that chooses to keep silent in crucial periods for society and the state, seemingly an independent institution that quietly cooperated with the criminal regime of the Family, and comfortably sucked the great privileges it enjoys, practically, from every government. Well, all right, it wasn’t always silent, in 2001 it was proposing an exchange of territory and population with Albania, and “became famous” also with the expensive project “Macedonian Encyclopedia” in 2009, which it had to withdraw from sales and from the public, because of the difficult political and scientific transgressions in it, are now on the side of the referendum. The opportunism of this structure has no boundaries.

Media, intellectuals, political parties, MPs, NGOs that have been keeping silent for years, or have openly took part with autocracy and crime in the coalition VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, are now in a big pro-European flock. Not everyone understands in which way the Agreement with Greece is the key for Macedonia’s progress, according to which not only do we get on the fast lane towards NATO and EU, but also get the identity problems solved. That is not important to them. However, they do understand or sense that it is a commitment that will bring them personal, political or career-wise benefits. And that’s all right. It will not be all right if they receive an applause and manage to bargain for new positions in the structures of power. At the expense of all the citizens…

Let me finish with VMRO-DPMNE and #MickoTakis. There’s no reason for me to applaud them for the decision to support the referendum. Whatever they do now, in the photo finish before the big decision, they will not repair the damage they have inflicted so far. They have shown that they are extremely hypocritical. They purr like kittens and kneel behind closed doors, while outside they want to act like lions. That just doesn’t work. People are watching.

Boycotters, those grotesque losers, are losing the ground beneath them. I hear that the political sponsors have reduced the flow of money and that they are not managing to collect money from alternative sources, because it’s not going good for the lady in charge of collecting funds. They will have to work for free in the days up to the referendum. Or to follow the example of the profiteers. That’s it.


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