BURST Please, Bacev, don’t defend me!

Nationalists and fascist can breathe a sigh of relief. Their victory is in sight, because they have finally found the figure that is going to lead them in this conclusive battle for the right to remain in the muddy oblivion. There you have it, Bacev is going to lead them in a battle for the defense of something from something. In this case, it isn’t not for nothing, because this gang, nevertheless, (will) has benefitted. When one Solza is their most outstanding political player, involved in collecting funds abroad, and Vankovska is their most academic profile they can provide, an embarassing failure is guaranteed for this fraternity that has turned out, however, to be quite small. They also stand a very good chance of their failure being practically invisible. The poor things.

By: Xhabir Deralla

The Bachevs have “borrowed” the design of the campaign that was led in the 90’s by the “treacherous” civil society in Macedonia: DON’T YOU FYROM ME. When you take a look at the flyers and the campaign stands, you immediately think of that campaign. The Referendum, actually, is also a decision of the citizens to leave the FYROM name behind us, hence the nationalists are shooting themselves in the foot from the very start, with the very design of the campaign. Very creative, indeed. But, these intellectual poor things are constantly doing that, of course, so unsuccessfully that one almost feels sorry for them. If they weren’t such strong nationalists, fascists, I wouldn’t have hesitated to help them, even though they are on the opposite side of the values I advocate.

It’s just that I still can’t figure out how much these “enthusiasts” are earning from their actions. Perhaps one nice sunny day the Minister of Interior, Spasovski, will tell us, who is (obviously) working on preventing the Kremlin’s spying and destabilizing projects in Macedonia.

Anyway, the chronically confusing gang led by Bacev is pretty picturesque. Some sort of obscure figures and scantily gathered little organizations and parties, with one or two members, have set off on a mission. Apart from some totally anonymous characters and worn-out lumpen fascists from who the fascists themselves are ashamed of, there are also some names that are (relatively) known as extremists, aggressors and sowers of hatred.

For some it’s no surprise that Bacev has also been joined by Jove Kekenovski’s club, which has recently been “reinforced” with the Russian pawn Filip Petrovski. Even though for me personally it seemed differently, still, I haven’t been left with many arguments against those who have kept saying that “that’s all the capacity that man has”…That’s it.

If it weren’t one of the uglier phenomena of the Facebook phalanx, Ljupco Palevski would be just a boring joke. He appears also as a signatory of the Third Party of the Macedonians and of the association Third Republic, whose names are equally unknown to the public. They will fall into oblivion even faster that they have appeared, unless their only member doesn’t commit some kind of crime.

In the club of losers there are also expatriates who are comfortably living in member countries of NATO, EU and other developed Western democracies, and are signing such anti-Western campaigns. However, that’s just part of the slimy folklore. Invertebrates, vertebrates and other hooligan fraternities are here quite expected.

The agenda of the main holders of this expected awfully designed campaign has been exposed long ago. However, their capacity for creating trouble and destructive steps must not be undermined. Ultimately, that will not have a decisive influence, but it will leave a stain on the process. The use value of “I boycott” is in the endless “historical” drunk straggling on the stained table sheets in the rustic taverns in the years ahead of us.

One thing is certain. “I boycott” is bringing additional quarrel among the opposition and is definitely “reducing” the already shattered opposition. In the harm they are causing the opposition is also the “historic” proclaiming of “traitors” of the same politicians who for an entire decade used to proclaim “traitors”. All that with good, Russian intentions.

We can imagine pretty well how at one point Mickoski grabs the phone and yells: “Please Bacev, don’t defend me!”. On the other side of the phone stuttering can be heard. Mickoski then slams his cell phone from the wall of VMRO-DPMNE’s headquarters and wipes his foggy eyeglasses, while tears start falling out of rage.

Then, from the Russian embassy some reddened Bachushka will take the phone reporting “Zdravstvuite, Cremlj, u nas est putanica!”, and as a last desperate attempt to save the operation he will offer vodka for uniting the opposition under one russkii flag. In the meanwhile, in a peripheral office of the Russian secret service, a dismissal letter is being typed for the chief of the Russian operation in Macedonia and a transfer to the front in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Translated by: Natasha Cvetkovska

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