NATO Pendarovski: NATO should not intimidate us

Stevo Pendarovski, National Coordinator for NATO, at the panel discussion on NATO organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom, stated that people in Macedonia are not familiar with what joining NATO exactly means. The most frequent problem, according to citizens, is that Macedonia will not be able to withstand because of the budget.

“Everyone assesses based on how much one can give, there is no pressure that someone will tell us either you do this or we will expel you from the Alliance”, stated Pendarovski.

He added that no one requests to leave NATO, that there is no relevant political party in any member state of the Alliance that has in its program or election campaign an item that says that they will organize a referendum on whether the people want to be in NATO or not.

“When you see that such mature democracies do not want to leave the Alliance, then there is probably a reason why they are in the organization”, stated Pendarovski.

Angela Petrovska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

Editing: Еrmin Klimenta

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