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CIVIC CHARTER Zabrcanec: The government will be a partner of civic initiatives!

“It is pleasing to be with civil activists, with representatives of civil society. On my own behalf and on behalf of the Government, I support the Civic Charter for...

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CIVIC CHARTER Golubovska: The government is still hybrid

“I will mention the representatives of Government and of Parliament who are exceptionally important as part of this concept of democracy, justice and human rights. We spent much time,...

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CIVIC CHARTER Dimitrovska: People with disabilities have a miserable life in Macedonia

Blagica Dimitrovska from the Association for Promotion and Development of Inclusive Society “Inkluziva”, Kumanovo, encouraged from the speeches by the representatives of the Government and the local government, as...

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INTERVIEW Vanhoutte: The Government needs to act now!

Peter Vanhoutte, a Belgian diplomat, former MP of the Belgian Federal Parliament, high level mediator, specialized in political conflicts,...

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CONDEMNATION Condemnation of the bizarre celebration of Erdogan’s dictatorship in Turkey

Trampling human rights, corruption, control of the media and violence against those who are politically different-minded, is the brief...

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CARAVAN Freedom roared in Kumanovo

“Good evening Kumanovo! Having so many people gather from different national, religious, and gender backgrounds in one place to...

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