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Journalism CIVIL calls for civic investigation

CIVIL has launched the Civic Lenses Project, a project in which every citizen of Republic of Macedonia is welcomed to participate with photographs, video and audio recordings, and written...

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Government Resignation! Today!

The Agreement to resolve the political crisis of June 2 / July 15, in legal terms, has a meaning of a contractual relationship. Under that agreement, it is understood...

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EU A defeat for Macedonia

The long-term erosion of democracy, absence of rule of law, continuous violation of human rights and freedoms, media control and structural violence have contributed to the continuous downgrading of...

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RAFAL In the new normality, with the old abnormality

by: XHABIR DERALLA And while the world is slowly starting to prepare for what is called the “new normality”, we...

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EXHIBITION Portraying a history through the US presidents

Under the auspices of Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and the Municipality of Kumanovo, with the exhibition of portraits of 45...

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