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Journalists under fire again: Draconic fines for Focus

The Court in Skopje ruled against the editor in chief of the Fokus political weekly magazine, Jadranka Kostova, and the journalist Vlado Apostolov accused by the head of the...

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Human Rights Activist Artan Sadiku Attacked

Artan Sadiku, human rights activist, director of the Institute for Humanistic and Social Sciences Skopje, was attacked last night by a group of hooligans in the center of Skopje. Civil...

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Continuous and systematic violation of human rights

The Commission for political systems and relations between Parliament communities today launched a public debate on “Analysis of respecting the constitutional right of presumption of innocence, the findings of...

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BURST Snap, but delayed elections

by: XHABIR DERALLA The Macedonian political picturesque scene will be enriched with yet another early parliamentary elections. What happened? The...

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REALITY CHECK Parallel universe

Turkish photographer Ugur Gallenkush has been working for several years now on the incredible project “Parallels”, in which he is...

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EXHIBITION Portraying a history through the US presidents

Under the auspices of Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and the Municipality of Kumanovo, with the exhibition of portraits of 45...

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