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Stop violence and take urgent measures to calm the situation

Observers of Civil reported about escalation of the situation and shootings at the protest near the courts of justice in Skopje. After the court’s buildings were stoned, protesters the...

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The International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is an occasion for us to take over the Amnesty International’s campaign and launch it in Macedonia today: #stoptorture, #стопзатортурата,...

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Elections ended, election advertisings still remaining

Even though the elections ended 35 days ago, Skopje continues to be filled with ads and billboards for presidents and leading candidates. Billboards of the prime minister Nikola Gruevski...

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BURST The rent of spoilt Horhe

by: XHABIR DERALLA The voiceless in the machinery of Gruevski’s criminal Family, the man who we compared to a...

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REALITY CHECK Parallel universe

Turkish photographer Ugur Gallenkush has been working for several years now on the incredible project “Parallels”, in which he is...

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EXHIBITION Portraying a history through the US presidents

Under the auspices of Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and the Municipality of Kumanovo, with the exhibition of portraits of 45...

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