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SPEECH Acquaticci: We will continue to support everyone who acts on behalf of those who constitute the origin of all power: the Macedonian people

„Thank you very much for inviting me and for giving me the opportunity to address you all on the occasion of the launch event of the publication ‘Free Elections...

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DESPAIR The father of the abused child: If she remains in the state care institution she will become pregnant again

“The girl called me yesterday on the phone and said to me, dad I am going to die”, said for CIVIL Media the father of the 13-year-old girl from...

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ERRC A minor sexually abused in a state care institution

Yesterday a minor,13-year-old girl, R.I, had to have an abortion after becoming pregnant as a result of being exposed to sexual abuse as child in the care of the...

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REFORMS CIVIL submitted recommendations on electoral reforms to the Minister of Justice

CIVIL submitted the recommendations on the electoral reforms and amendments to the Electoral Code to the Minister of Justice,...

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CIVIL Uncompromising efforts for social justice

World Day of Social Justice in Macedonia, this year again, confronts us with the question of what kind of...

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OPINION Raped children in a partially raped democracy

The incident with the raped child and the avoiding of responsibility by the competent institutions is just another indicator...

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CONDEMNATION Condemnation of the bizarre celebration of Erdogan’s dictatorship in Turkey

Trampling human rights, corruption, control of the media and violence against those who are politically different-minded, is the brief...

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CARAVAN Freedom roared in Kumanovo

“Good evening Kumanovo! Having so many people gather from different national, religious, and gender backgrounds in one place to...

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