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Trading democracy for stability brought disorder to Macedonia

“Very disappointed about lack of responsibility + leadership by some” – tweeted the EU enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn after the failure of the Brussels talks between the government and...

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Stop wasting money

Angels – seraphs would shake it to its foundations, the communist architecture they would crush! Or, at least, they would inflict a heavy stroke upon it, an anti-communist stroke....

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Besa’s bad moves

In regards to Besa’s call to the Albanians for an anti-government protest to be held on June 13, CIVIL – Center for Freedom, considers that organizing mono-ethnic protests these...

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CONFLICTS South Sudan testimonies: “If they catch you, they will kill you”

For five terrible years civil war has been raging in South Sudan. With staggering brutality, government soldiers and allied...

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EXHIBITION Portraying a history through the US presidents

Under the auspices of Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and the Municipality of Kumanovo, with the exhibition of portraits of 45...

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