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I don’t know why they beat me!

“I am fifteen years old, I live in a family that speaks Bosniak and Albanian, and go to school in a Macedonian class. At home we mainly speak in...

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A female letter to the fan groups

I do not want to start immediately with feminist interpretations of macho men, but, whatever way you turn things around, not one single normal clause justifies violence. Let’s be...

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I do not want to be “one of the good ones”!

I studied in a Skopje elementary school, indeed very beautiful on the outside. I have always liked school and education, in general, it encouraged me to channel what I...

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CONFLICTS South Sudan testimonies: “If they catch you, they will kill you”

For five terrible years civil war has been raging in South Sudan. With staggering brutality, government soldiers and allied...

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EVENTS Culture is the front page of every society

Skopje cannot complain of having a lack of cultural events, whether they be exhibitions, music, theatre or film, there...

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