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IDENTITIES Culture and tradition are more important for one’s affiliation, than the name itself!

by: Zvezdan Georgievski hy would I want to share the values of the state of Macedonia. Those romantic nationalism views, the land where you were born is – your...

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IDENTITIES Identity “à la Stip”

by: Vojo Manevski n regards to the identity, we are in a situation like the Jews were before Christ. We are constantly waiting for a Messiah, for a leader...

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IDENTITIES To build a society in which we will all be citizens of Europe!

by: Mersiha Smailovic f I were to choose an identity, although my identity is already formed, I would, nevertheless, choose to have an identity that is also immortal. An...

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CONFLICTS South Sudan testimonies: “If they catch you, they will kill you”

For five terrible years civil war has been raging in South Sudan. With staggering brutality, government soldiers and allied...

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EVENTS Culture is the front page of every society

Skopje cannot complain of having a lack of cultural events, whether they be exhibitions, music, theatre or film, there...

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