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CIVIL: Macedonia can not afford electoral fraud

With 35 participants, representatives of six political parties, 12 civil society organizations, four foreign diplomatic missions and with the expert team of GONG from Croatia, CIVIL – Center for...

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Working tirelessly on the most pressing issues of the society

QUARTERLY REPORT ON THE ACTIVITIES OF CIVIL – CENTER FOR FREEDOM CIVIL – Center for Freedom implemented a large number of actions and project activities during the summer period....

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The government showed its true face once again

The scandalous restraining of the Ombudsman Ixhet Memeti to address the MPs of the majority in Parliament, has once again exposed the hypocrisy of the ruling parties! Even though...

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BURST Capitulation

Midnight capitulation of Mickoski and his team could be an excellent inspiration for Monty Python’s scriptwriters. For instance, a...

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CONDEMNATION Condemnation of the bizarre celebration of Erdogan’s dictatorship in Turkey

Trampling human rights, corruption, control of the media and violence against those who are politically different-minded, is the brief...

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EVENTS Culture is the front page of every society

Skopje cannot complain of having a lack of cultural events, whether they be exhibitions, music, theatre or film, there...

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