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DAILY BRIEF February 12: Mickoski with the party wants to leave Parliament, Law on PPO in committees, CIVIL tomorrow with panel discussion “Free elections as opposed to black propaganda” …

NEWS OF THE DAY: Mickoski: I see no reason for further participation of VMRO-DPMNE in Parliament VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski says that he sees no reason for further participation...

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SCAN – political magazine: Technical government for obstruction

After three successful election processes (from the first technical (Przino) government that was formed in 2015 with the purpose of conducting free, fair and democratic elections), now, once again...

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DAILY BRIEF February 11: North Macedonia is NATO’s 30th member

NEWS OF THE DAY: Parliament unanimously adopts Law on ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty

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REALITY CHECK Parallel universe

Turkish photographer Ugur Gallenkush has been working for several years now on the incredible project “Parallels”, in which he is...

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EXHIBITION Portraying a history through the US presidents

Under the auspices of Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and the Municipality of Kumanovo, with the exhibition of portraits of 45...

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