ANALYSIS One Society For All, But For ALL!

A minister cannot be a person who may have a sharpened sense of ethnic equality, but does not have any understanding of gender equality and different sexual orientations from his/her own.

by: Xhabir Deralla

In this, and probably a few following texts, I will try to give a public and positive contribution to the building of specific parts of the program, politics, and practices of the new government. Perhaps some of my readers will find these readings boring, probably rightfully so, but I ask of them to read them with attentiveness and participate in the discussion regarding a few important issues. Well, not everything has to be fun and ticklish, right?

Today I would like to give a small contribution to one of the most important strategies of our country, through a few assessments of the work of the previous government. Please, be patient and read to the end.

It is without a doubt that the basics of the concept “One Society for All” were created by the tens of thousands citizens who demonstrated everyday on the streets of the Macedonian cities, demanding freedom, democracy, and equality in the last years of Gruevski’s regime.

The Colorful Revolution was the deciding face-off with the regime and showed that North Macedonia is a multicultural and multiethnic society. Thousands of citizens from all communities of our country took part in it. This colorful civil revolution was a movement in which people took part as individuals, regardless of their affiliation or orientation – ethnic, religious, gender, social, political, sexual…

The differences and divisions though, did not also leave with the fall of the regime, but were strongly opposed by the strategy “One Society for All”, which became part of the government’s policies and practices. As it can still be seen today, a strong decisiveness for building a society of equal and free people existed. In order for that not to be just an empty declaration with no essence, part of the leading political structures in the country did quite a lot for that to become a reality in our country,

The government of Zoran Zaev which was formed after the fall of Gruevski was an open government. The civil society organizations not only had unhindered access, but were encouraged and invited to take part in the decision-making processes, preparation of laws, creating strategies at the local and national level. It can be said that it was a successful cooperation, even though the suggestions of civil society organizations were not always realistic and practical, and the government institutions did not always have a clear lens to recognize the valuable and feasible suggestions.

One of the biggest mistakes in the implementation of the strategy “One Society for All” was the formation of an entire Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations. I opposed it then, and I will further oppose the formation of a separate ministry regarding these important issues. It is another story who led it and how, or who was expected to lead that ministry and a ministry of that kind. Anything similar to the completely unsuccessful Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement must not be formed.

“One Society for All” has to become a concept which will be accepted and applied by every minister in the new government. And not just the first people in the ministries, but everyone who works in those ministries. Furthermore, this concept has to become part of the policies and practices of all institutions, both at the national and local level.

A minister cannot be a person who may have a sharpened sense of ethnic equality, but does not have any understanding of gender equality and different sexual orientations from his/her own.

A teacher cannot be someone who has and harbours prejudices on any grounds. The teaching staff, be it in primary schools or higher education institutions, must not be an enemy to the concept, but rather a promotor of the concept “One Society for All”. How can that be achieved by forming a ministry? It cannot. The entire government should be a personification of that concept. And then all of the institutions as well.

Whosoever wishes to be a nationalist, fascist, racist, homophobe, fundamentalist, misogynist… should look for a job in the private sector. And return the money previously sucked out of the citizens and the system.

And most important of all, it must be understood that this is not a society of all ethnic communities who tolerate each other, pardon, respect each other, so they live in their parallel worlds. This is a colorful society in which ethnic, religious, social, cultural, gender and all other affiliations, orientations, beliefs, and identities are equal, mixed together, and interlinked.

And last, but not least… All communities consist of individuals! That must be recognized and acknowledged once and for all. We live in communities, but we are individuals. Only a society in which the individuals are recognized and treated equal and as separate entities can be manifold and successful. Otherwise, we will remain with what we had so far, only a bit more stable if progressive entities are in power, and will fall if a fascist and criminal structure comes to power.

I am not a politician, nor do I want to be. But, I am certain that I understand politics and that is why I know that all of this is possible and easy to accomplish.

Translation: N. Cvetkovska


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