HATE SPEECH Obvious “anonymous” nationalism hidden behind patriotism!

The death of young Nikola Sazdovski, who succumbed to his injuries after being beaten several days ago, has fueled the desires and interethnic intolerance, which were already fragile. The president of VMRO-DPMNE did not miss the opportunity to show up at yesterday’s protest in front of the Parliament, where Nikola Sazdovski’s close ones, relatives, friends, Komitis…, all lit candles and payed their respect to him in silence and without chanting.

Mickoski lit a candle, took off the Vardar jersey and left it in front of the photograph of Sazdovski. That same Mickoski, just a few days ago, demanded amnesty for the attackers of Zijadin Sela that took place on April 27, in the Parliament. Sela, unlike Sazdovski, managed to win the battle with his injuries and leave the hospital after a few days after, even though he was in a difficult and uncertain situation.

Is Mickoski still remaining in the position that people who have beat up someone should be pardoned because they are of another ethnicity, with the explanation that they did it out of patriotic reasons?

Instigators did not pass the opportunity to incite citizens to avenge the death of, as they call him, Sazdo the Macedonian.

Some media and public figures are skillfully manipulating the public that the MOI wants to conceal the case, without mentioning in the meanwhile that in the police bulletin there was information that: “On June 29, 2018, in Skopje, from 5.30 pm until 5.40 pm, at the bus station on Blvd. Aleksandar Makedonski”, N.S (21) from Skopje was physically attacked by three unknown men (who came out of a “Mercedes” vehicle). Following the physical attack, the persons with the vehicle left the scene. N.S was transferred with an ambulance to the Clinical complex ‘Mother Teresa’. Following the measures taken, two persons have been detained in Police Station Kisela Voda, on the grounds of suspicion that they are the possible perpetrators of the crime. Work is being conducted to fully clarify the event, after which appropriate information will be submitted”.

There is this kind of information on fights and incidents every day in police bulletins, and the initials of those attacked or those who have attacked do not mean anything to the media, and especially not to the ordinary citizen. The information on the beaten Sazdovski spread after the “Komiti” fan group announced that their member had been beaten up. The Komiti say that those who killed their friend are of another ethnicity, but neither they, nor the MOI, nor the media who have “exclusive” information about the case, have said what the reason for the fight was, which unfortunately resulted with the death of a young boy.

Immediately after the death of the boy, Milenko Nedelkovski, the favorite speaker of the previous government led by Nikola Gruevski, wrote the following on his Facebook profile: “Sazdo is not a Shqiptar, he was not a Colorful, he was neither gay nor a drug addict. Sazdo was just a Komita, a patriot and a Macedonian. That means that for the sorosoids, NGO’s, Jess Baily, Samuel Zbogar and similar morons, Sazdo is not a person…Just so that you know, God will pay back, if we are incapable to do so. And then, I will loudly rejoice on your family tragedies. I will have no mercy. Hope to God the same thing happens to you as the daughter of Branko Trickovski and the son of Aco Kabranov, Sleazebags. You will pay for everything”.

The Infomax portal published an “anonymous” letter signed by a Komita, in which it says that the murder of Sazdovski is connected to the Agreement on the name issue.

“The hordes under the government’s wings, which were not mono-ethnical, were sent on a hunt for the Komiti, and one of those “controlled actions” ended tragically for the life of our friend Sazdo. Yes. The hordes were not just from one ethnic group, but unfortunately, were led in the background by the udba underground, which was pointing with a finger towards all of us to whom the hordes were supposed to strike. The goal was high, to silence the public that was against the “historic agreement”, and that is why all the means were justified” …

The “Anonymous Komita” wrote the letter, cooked in some kitchen that has the goal of spreading nationalistic messages, hidden behind the veil of – patriotic views. The “anonymity” is obvious!

The Special Unit of the Army of Republic of Macedonia called Wolves, wrote on its Facebook profile: “In honor of Nikola Sazdovski’s life that ended too soon, rest in peace. We learn from his close ones that he had been carrying the Unit in his heart since he was little. Always for Macedonia, and always for the Wolves. In his memory, we publish this photography. Everlasting memory…

Under the published text, in part of the comments some citizens call for a “second half” of the 2001 conflict and for Macedonia to finally be only of the Macedonians!

Instead of the Macedonian society being unanimous and demanding non-selective justice, it, actually, is very divided. While some are trying to ease the situation and pressure the institutions to take measures for completely clearing the case and to have analyses carried out on where they failed, others are working fast on spreading false and distorted information with the aim of creating interethnic, inter-religious and conflicts among fans.

Nationalism does not bring anything good and productive. There was a slogan: hate speech – kills. It really did kill a young boy. It is time we the citizens eradicated and destroyed hate speech, and for the competent institutions to sanction all those calling for hate, incidents, calculations…, to be held responsible before the face of justice.

Dehran Muratov


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