Elections Novakovski: Elections in November are possible, if SEC frees itself from party influences!

Conditions for elections can be created by November, but the key problem lies in the State Election Commission, which is not presenting opinions or consensuses, and that creates confusion – there is division on whether conditions have been created or not- stated former president of the SEC and legal expert Aleksandar Novakovski for CIVIL Media. According to him, the SEC has to restore the citizen’s trust and needs to revise the Voters Register.

“They have formed some kind of a working group, which has enough time, a group in which the parties have been included to once again check the Voters Register. I think that only elections can resolve the political crisis, I do not see any other way. At this moment, trust in the body that is responsible for implementing elections is completely lost and efforts should be made for restoring the trust of the citizens. If the four parties harmonize their opinions, then there is time to November to form a technical government, which in 100 days will be able to conduct the elections”, says Novakovski.

He stressed that the SEC is in total confusion and under party influences, and that the key issues are being answered by outside people? Nevertheless, he still thinks that conditions for free elections can be created if the SEC fully engages and distances itself from party influences.


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