POLITICS New government of North Macedonia elected, Zoran Zaev receives new four-year mandate

After a two-day debate, the Parliament elected the new government of the Republic of North Macedonia, 62 MPs gave Zoran Zaev a new four-year mandate for implementing a new government program, while 51 were against, two abstained, and 5 MPs were not present.

Before the voting of the new government, Prime Minister Zaev made a speech, who announced a plan for dealing with the pandemic, new innovative policies for economic development, reduction of unemployment and increase in salaries by 20-40 percent. Priorities of the government will also be the rule of law, fight against corruption and negotiations for EU membership. On the other hand, the opposition used the podium for making accusations against the government and the majority, and often used insults with ugly words, causing several tense situations.

Zaev’s second government cabinet is composed of 19 ministers, seven less than the previous government.

The Prime Minister has four deputies, Ljupco Nikolovski, who is elected Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Fighting Corruption, Artan Grubi – first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System, as well as Fatmir Bytyqi – Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Nikola Dimitrov – Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs.

The following have been elected members of the government: Oliver Spasovski – Minister of Interior, Radmila Sekerinska – Minister of Defence, Bojan Maricic – Minister of Justice, Blagoj Bocvarski – Minister of Transport and Communications, Venko Filipce – Minister of Health, Mila Carovska – Minister of Education and Science, Jagoda Shahpaska – Minister of Labor and Social Policy and Irena Stefoska – Minister of Culture, Bujar Osmani – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fatmir Besimi – Minister of Finance, Kreshnik Bekteshi – Minister of Economy, Naser Nuredini – Minister of Environment and Jeton Shaqiri – Minister of Information Society and Administration, Arijanit Hoxha – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and Goran Milevski – Minister of Local Self-Government.

The government coalition of SDSM and other parties from the “We Can” coalition, DUI and DPA, in Parliament has a parliamentary majority with 62 MPs, elected at the early parliamentary elections that were held on July 15 this year.

 А. Zekiri

Translation: N.Cvetkovska

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