DAILY BRIEF New “bombs”, Appeal Court dismisses Gruevski’s detention for “TNT”, CIVIL organizes event “END OF PRIVILEGES”…


The session where the proposal of the Commission for Mandatory-Immunity Issues for revoking Nikola Gruevski’s mandate will be reviewed, will be held at a parliamentary session between June 10-15.

Parliament President Talat Xhaferi stated that at the same session there could also be a discussion on the proposal for reconstruction of the Government.

“It won’t be before June 10 because the MPs have obligations, and after the 15-th I have planned an official visit to China. So there’s no obstacle for both items to be put on the agenda of the same session”, said Xhaferi.


The Court of Appeals, upon a submitted complaint, has dismissed the detention of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski for the “TNT” case, namely, for the tearing down of “Kosmos”.


SPO Prosecutor Burim Rustemi asked from the Court Council to determine detention again for Gruevski, because of the risk from him escaping again.

“We request that detention for Gruevski be determined again, according to Article 165, paragraph 1, item 1 from the Criminal Code Procedure, since he has already escaped once, so there is risk of him doing this again in the future”, said Rustemi.

Gruevski’s lawyer, Mehmet Seferi, appointed ex officio, said before the court that he remains to his previous complaints.


After having ridiculed the information of the MOI that they had determined the identity of the person publishing the latest “bombs” on DUI, Ali Ahmeti’s party, the El Ceka profile has again posted on its Facebook profile a recording of illegally wiretapped material.

Former Minister of Justice Blerim Bexheti and former Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska are allegedly talking in the recording, in regards to the extradition of a convict in the case “Monster”.

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

“Progress in social inclusion and protection is noted. Poverty is still a serious problem, but improvement of the situation is expected with the new Law on Social Protection, which ensures a guaranteed minimum income for all unemployed”, is said in the EU report regarding the progress of the Republic of North Macedonia in the area of labour and social policy.

The social reform anticipates promotion of the rights of people with disabilities and all vulnerable categories, which is in accordance with the EU conclusions, according to which people with disabilities and the Roma are in the greatest risk of poverty. The report also welcomes the introduction of the so-called social pension, the implementation of the “Youth Guarantee” and the piloting of the personal assistance service, which in the new Law becomes a guaranteed right. In terms of the “Youth Guarantee” it’s said to be very important and a positive step for reducing youth unemployment in the country. Through this measure, 1839 young people were employed last year.

For this year, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has allocated a 300% higher budget for preschool education. The EU highpoints the investments in new kindergartens and high quality trainings for teachers, as well the systematic measures of the ministry for greater inclusion of Roma children in kindergartens.


CIVIL – Center for Freedom  is organizing an event titled END OF PRIVILEGES, dedicated to initiative with the same title for cancelling the privileges of officials. The event will be held on June 5 (Wednesday) at café Menada (Old Town in Skopje), starting at 5.00 pm. The event will be broadcasted live on the organization’s social profiles

The demands for cancelling the privileges of ALL OFFICIALS, elected and appointed, former and current, at the local and national level, were published in CIVIL’s press release on May 14. The organization submitted the demands to the Parliament of the RNM on May 17, 2019, five minutes to twelve o’clock. A large number of media published CIVIL’s demands, while the citizens expressed their support through hundreds of comments, but also clearly formulated proposals on how to have the privileges of officials regulated. CIVIL has already received many proposals, and even a drafted legal text for regulating the positions and the status of officials and administration workers, which will be shared with the public at the event itself.

CIVIL invites the citizens to join the initiative END PRIVILEGES and to contribute to the cancelling of the privileges of officials, that is, their regulation and setting of reasonable boundaries, in accordance with the possibilities of citizens.

On June 5, before the start of the event at 5.00 pm, starting from 1.00 pm, at the same location, CIVIL’s team will be available for statements for the media, meetings and consultations with citizens whose proposals and documents are welcome.



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