MoI declared itself not competent over the issues concerning phantom entrances and voters

“We have no authority to check whether the data of the ID cards is correct”, stated MoI Spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski.

This statement came after Civil’s team yesterday detected that the Voters’ List contains records of voters registered in imaginary third entrance of two buildings located in the municipality Kisela Voda; buildings that in reality have only two entrances. Fourteen people have been registered in the third entrance of buildings located on the streets “Pushkinova” and “Michail Chakov”.

“The addressed have been entered into the system in the time when SDSM was the ruling party; you should address them because the ID cards have been issued at that time. After yesterday’s claims concerning existence of third entrances, we checked and found out that people have been issued ID cards at these addressed as far back as 1977. MoI does not have the authority to check the accuracy of the data in old ID cards. The person comes with the old ID card to request a renewal and we issue them a new ID card, but we do not check the street of the previous ID card. That only happens when a person requests change of address” – Kotevski stated.

According to Civil’s observers, an individual has been seen in the village Bajro, near Bitola, distributing ID cards to voters on April 13, the day of the presidential elections. On the same day, a voter in Skopje has been seen with 5 IDs falling out of his pocket. MoI has no information for both of these cases.

“I cannot understand why no one has reported this. It’s not possible for one person to have more than one ID card. That is a felony. In any case, nothing has been reported to us, neither from the non-governmental organizations, nor from the opposition, both of which have their own observers. We have not received any information from any polling station about people having more than one ID card” Kotevski claims.

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