INTEGRATION Merkel at Sofia Summit: In the region, you have to get along

The Berlin Process involves reconciliation and we hope the process will continue. In the region, I must say, you have to get along, do not forget, because it is very important, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a joint news conference alongside PMs Zoran Zaev and Boyko Borissov after the Western Balkans Summit in Sofia, held as part of the Berlin Process.

“This summit, organized by two countries, one that is a member state and the other a candidate, is taking place amid unprecedented conditions. It’s a good thing you showed us that you can organize a conference amid such difficult conditions,” Merkel said.

She said the establishment of a common regional market would prove to be an incentive both for the citizens and the companies in the region.

“I also want to congratulate you on agreeing over the green agenda. It shows we are all interested in building an economy able to transform into a low-carbon economy. To improve the agenda, climate change and COVID-19 remain major challenges of key importance for the Western Balkan countries,” said Merkel.

The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), established as part of the Berlin Process, has brought together young people from the Balkans, according to her.

The German Chancellor called on all Western Balkan countries to improve cooperation in science because ‘it is the best way to promote research and innovation development.’

“I want to invite everyone, after this meeting in Sofia, to come to Berlin next year. I hope we will be able to organize such a meeting next summer to once again review how far along the Berlin Process is,” Merkel told the summit.

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