COMMUNITIES Memorandum of Cooperation for prevention of violent extremism signed between CIVIL and the Municipality of Veles

CIVIL – Center for Freedom and the Municipality of Veles today signed a Memorandum of cooperation for preventing violent extremism.

The Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski, stated that this is yet another confirmation of the openness of the municipality to contribute in the fight against violent extremism.

Signing of Memorandum of Cooperation, Veles, November 30, 2018

“I hope that by signing a Memorandum of partnership and cooperation, we are doing a good thing and that the results will show this in the following period. I believe that together we will succeed in cooperating with representatives of all institutions that are here to counter the dangers and threats that violent extremism brings with itself”, stated Kocevski.

Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL said he was pleased that the cooperation and partnership continues further, while the signing of the Memorandum is the first step in implementing concrete activities that at the local level will be aimed at prevention and education on radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism.

“The Memorandum of Cooperation that we are signing at the local level with the mayors, yesterday with the Mayor of Kumanovo, today with the Mayor of Veles, and the ones we will sign with the Mayors of Gazi Baba, Cair and Tetovo, sketch a joint multi-disciplinary activity of civil society organizations in cooperation with the local authorities, police, education representatives and many other institutions at the local level. The goal is early detecting of violent extremism and improving the situation in the area of safety and security”, stated Deralla for the media.

Working group for prevention of violent extremism, Veles, November 30, 2018

Following the ceremonial part, a working group was formed, which will be working in the next period on mapping possible problems that lead to violent extremism and on organizing a public event where the indicators leading to this occurrence will be promoted, but also the possible solutions for prevention through creative activities.

The events are within the framework of the project “Communities against violent extremism”, which is supported by the US Embassy in Skopje.

B. Jordanovska


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