DAILY BRIEF March 6: Elections, corruption, saved from the “bombs” and a shortage of doctors…

The SCPC is intensively working on monitoring the election process

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption is already working intensively, not only on cases on nepotism, but also on the current election process. With the date of the start of the election campaign nearing, the deadline for collecting signatures for candidate lists and possible election irregularities, especially from the aspect of electoral corruption, were more than enough motivation for an interview with the President of the SCPC, Biljana Ivanovska.

Ivanovska outlined that activities are already being made in the direction of more objective monitoring of the election campaign, such as review of all the official vehicles, checking of lists for keeping track of working hours, in the context of preventing abuse of budget funds and human resources for electoral purposes.

Law on census is being harmonized

The Law on census is in the Government and harmonization between the coalition partners is in progress at the moment, informed today Government Spokespersons Mile Boshnjakovski and Muhamet Hodza.

“It will probably be on the agenda at the following government session”, said the spokespersons.

The Anthem will not change

At the regular press conference of the Government, Boshnjakovski clarified that the names of the institutions with the words “Republic of Macedonia” are replaced with “Republic of North Macedonia”, whereas in cases where it concerns an institution of national character, and the name contains the adjective “Macedonian”, then it is replaced with “National”, such as is the case with the Macedonian Radio Television, which has now been renamed to National Radio Television. The adjective “Macedonian” remains only in institutions that identify the Macedonian national identity, such as the Macedonian National Theatre.

Boshnjakovski said that there will be no changing of the Anthem, and the names of the cities Makedonski Brod, Makedonska Kamenica remain…

The Government does not reveal how much the renaming will cost, but they say that they will come out with information once the entire process ends.

In North Macedonia there is a shortage of 600 doctors

According to the analyses of the Ministry of Health, in the country there is a shortage of 600 doctors, said today the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, during his visit to the Ohrid Hospital.


The Minister informed that the Ministry has intervened by having employed 3.200 medical workers over the last year, of which mostly doctors and nurses.

Who saved themselves from the “Bombs”?

After the adoption of the draft law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in which the status, autonomy and competencies of the SPO have been permanently regulated, the wiretapped materials will be able to be used in 20 indictments, as well as in the case Spy that has been taken over from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption.

The wiretapped materials will be able to be used as evidence in the following procedures: “Titanic”, “Fortress – Target”, “Transporter”, “TNT”, “Titanic 2”, “Titanic 3”, “Torture”, “Fortress 2”, “Vault”, “Violence in the Municipality of Center”, “Toplik”, “Tenders”, “Tariff”, “Tank”, “Trust”, “Three hundred”, “Total”, “Tiffany”, “Trajectory”, “Trevnik”.

The wiretapped conversations for the cases “Magyar Telecom”, “Monster”, “Talir 1” and “Talir 2” will not be able to be used as evidence in the procedures, since they have been taken over after June 30, 2017. For the case “Empire”, the SPO claim that they have strong evidence for committed crime, the wiretapped conversations will not be used as evidence.

Ali Ahmeti and Nikola Gruevski suspected for the unsuccessful census will also be saved from the “bombs”, Silvana Boneva for the travel costs, Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani for the health equipment and former Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavrevski as well.

The competition for applying for observers at the presidential election has ended

The competition for applying for short-term and long-term observers of CIVIL at the upcoming election ends today (March 6) at 5.00 pm. In the following period, CIVIL’s commission will work on selecting the candidate who will participate in the monitoring of the election process.

An event that must not be missed: “A fight, not a tavern!”

CIVIL – Center for Freedom, tomorrow starting at 12 noon at Menada, is organizing a pre-March 8 panel discussion “A fight, not a tavern”, dedicated to women’s rights, but also to the essence of celebrating March 8.

Savka Todorovska, President of the National Council for Gender Equality, activists Daniela Mircevska and Merita Maksuti, Diana Tahiri and Maja Ivanovska from CIVIL, as well as the equal among women, the President of CIVIL, Xhabir Deralla, will all speak at the panel.





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