DALY BRIEF March 14: Elections, corruption, new ministry, detention…

State Department has assessed that corruption is the biggest problem in North Macedonia

The latest report on human rights of the US State Department states that in Republic of North Macedonia there is progress in the media and in the judiciary, but that there are still important problems that need to be solved, such as corruption. The report states that the state prisons and detentions have not managed to implement international standards and in some cases, according to the report on the prevention of torture of the Council of Europe from October 2017, conditions can be described as cruel, inhuman and degrading.

Derkovski-Оsmani: There is no problem with the Voters Register

There will be no problems with the Voters Register at the upcoming presidential elections, claims the President of the SEC, Oliver Derkovski, who met with Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani today, who said that these elections are important and no mistake is allowed, because we are under the scrutiny of the EU.

Lithuania has also ratified the NATO Accession Protocol for Macedonia

With no one against or abstentions, the Parliament of Lithuania gave green light for membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in the NATO Alliance. From 92 MPs present in the parliament, everyone voted for the ratification of the protocol, and the President of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, closely followed the session.

Parliament is debating about the forming of a new ministry

The proposal for terminating the Secretariat for the Implementation of the Framework Agreement and the forming of a new ministry for political system and inter-community relations, has entered Parliament.

This ministry will be formed by amending two laws, the Law on the Government and the Law on Organization and Operation of the State Administration Bodies, which are items 14 and 15 on the agenda. This proposal is submitted by the MPs of the parliamentary majority.

Three-day waiting period for abortion has been abolished

Today the MPs in Parliament adopted the Law on termination of pregnancy. The amendments to the Law on the Government of Republic of Macedonia also passed, and are now to be reviewed again in the committees, after which the MPs will vote on adopting them.

The three-day waiting period is being abolished and the other administrative barriers for realizing the right to an abortion.

A woman can make a decision for termination of pregnancy consciously, without coercion from anyone, based on objective information related to the intervention.

Defective breaks and speeding are the reason for the bus accident in Laskarci

Seven people have been detained for the bus accident near the village of Laskarci, in which 15 people were killed on February 13. The Prosecution is requesting for an investigation to be opened for six of them, while for the seventh person it is requesting precautionary measures. Among the arrested is also the owner of “Durmo Tours”, the manager of the firm, the driver and persons who have given approval for technical safety of the bus, who are employed in the other firm that is also in the ownership of the owner of “Durmo Tours”.

As the Head of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje, Sasho Rajcev, said, the reason for the traffic accident is the malfunction of the breaks of the bus and the driver driving over the speed limit, more specifically, 80 kilometers per hour.

D. Muratov

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