FREE PRESS Macedonian free press targeted by Serbian nationalist media

The independent daily “Sloboden pecat” (Free press), published in Skopje in Macedonian language was targeted by the Serbian daily newspaper “Informer”, known for its “yellow” and nationalistic contents.

Here is the press release, signed by Branko Geroski, the editor-in-chief of “Sloboden pecat”, otherwise known as one of the leaders of free press in the country:

On the occasion of severe attacks against the daily newspaper “Sloboden pecat” and its publisher Adria Media Balkan, that occurred in the form of synchronizing action by the Belgrade daily newspaper “Informer” and the media controlled by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, we ask journalist associations and representatives of the international community in Skopje to raise their voices in support and protection of the right for uncreased and uncensored reporting of journalists, editors and employees in our company.

The front page of Belgrade daily “Informer”, widely known for spreading national and religious intolerance and hatred, today released an article about alleged questionable financing of “Sloboden pecat”. Moreover, on the front page and in the articles published in the print and in the digital edition of the newspaper, the owner of our company is accused to be a traitor, because of the free editorial policy excersied by the largest Macedonian daily newspaper “Sloboden pecat”. The same article was re-published by Macedonian portals and, media that are under the direct control of Nikola Gruevski, in order to discredit our company and put pressure on the editorial board of our independent media, that had also been under serious economic pressure for long time.

Today’s attack is obviously a consequence of the media axis Belgrade – Skopje, which aims to block the media freedom, making false and fabricated news and “scenarios”.

On behalf of the editorial board of the “Sloboden pecat”, personally I confirm that the editorial staff and journalists of our newspaper have privilege to report freely and to carry out editorial policy independently, responsibly and with personal integrity, without any pressure by the owner and by the management of the company, which is a rare example in our country, and probably in the region. Editorial Board intends to continue to act freely, to report the facts, to fight against media darkness and to resists to attacks coming from pro-governmental propaganda in Macedonia and the media in other countries. That is why we need your moral support and help.

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