SOCIETY Justice Minister Marichikj encourages citizens to seek free legal aid

Website on the people’s right to free legal aid was promoted on Monday, organized by the Council of Europe and the EU Delegation to North Macedonia.

Justice Minister Bojan Marichikj said in his address at the online promotion that legal language is oftentimes unclear for the people who face difficulties in attaining their guaranteed rights, but also that poor citizens cannot cover court fees in order to settle a a legal dispute.

According to him, the free legal aid system guarantees that citizens can address the Ministry of Justice, its branch offices and civil society organizations, asking for legal aid or a lawyer paid by the state.

“By improving the access to justice we are fighting inequalities in the society and showing people that we care for them. Legal aid is there to improve the lives of marginalized citizens. Legal aid means that regardless of the social status, citizens will be equal before the court and the law,” said Marichikj.

He encouraged citizens to visit the website and seek free legal aid.

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