DAILY BRIEF July 2: No resignations, there will be lawsuits, a hunger strike with homemade food…

Raskovski will not resign – he will sue several people and portals for insult and defamation

The General Secretary of the Government, Dragi Raskovski, admitted that it is his voice on the published recording, and emphasized that he will not resign. He announced that tomorrow he will file criminal charges for unauthorized recording against Kliment Cepunjovski, the dismissed director at M-NAV, along with a lawsuit for insult and defamation against Ivanka Vasilevska, Goran Momirovski, Milenko Nedelkovski, Ljupco Zlatev, Irena Radovanovic, Valon Belja and the Besa party.

An arbitration procedure will also be filed against media outlets “Kurir”, “Infomaks” and “Leader”.

Raskovski explained the details about the M-NAV case that arose after a conversation was released and apologized to all countries and nationalities that have been offended in the released conversation.

Raskovski’s threats – direct threat on the media

In relation to the statement of the General Secretary of the Government given at today’s press conference that he will file lawsuits against journalists and the media, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual media services highlights that such actions are direct pressure on the work of the media.

As it is stated in the Council of Europe Declaration on freedom of political debate in the media: “public officials must accept that they will be subject to public scrutiny and criticism, particularly through the media, over the way in which they have carried out their functions, insofar as this is necessary for ensuring transparency and the responsible exercise of their functions”.

Mile Janakievski on hunger strike with homemade food

Former Minister Mile Janakievski has been on a hunger strike since Saturday in the investigative prison in Skopje, where he has been in detention since Friday for the latest case of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption, namely, for selling of state-owned land. Lawyer Elenko Milanov clarified for “Focus” that Janakievski is revolted because of the detention.

The prison administration confirmed the information that Janakievski has been rejecting the prison food, but not the food brought to him from home.

Filipce: The new Law on termination of pregnancy has been passed

“The decision for termination of pregnancy is a woman’s right and no one can take it away. Woman’s will comes first!”, wrote Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, on Facebook.

The decision for termination of pregnancy, as a special medical intervention for which a pregnant woman should freely decide, is based on a given consent consciously, without coercion from anyone and based on objective information related to the intervention. The termination of pregnancy, as before, will be performed in a hospital that has a gynecological obstetric unit.

Hearing for “Liquidation” postponed

Due to surgery of a jury member in the court council, Judge Osman Sabani postponed the trial for the case “Liquidation”, which was supposed to start from the beggining.

The lawyer of the deceased Boris Nikolovski submitted a death certificate, for the court to stop the procedure for him.

Lawyer Aleksandar Tortevski requested a refined indictment from prosecutor Maria Gjorgjeva, whereas the following hearing has been scheduled for September 3.

The “Liquidation” case was opened by the MOI during VMRO-DPMNE’s rule and was represented by prosecutor Lile Stefanova. Judges, a lawyer and a journalist were trialed, and ended with an effective verdict with which all seven accused were declared guilty.

Pay tolls will be able to be paid electronically starting from Wednesday

The promises of the Public Enterprise for State Roads that electronic payment of pay tolls will start by the end of June, did not come true. The promise of Director Zoran Kitanov was that already in June on the highway along Corridor 10 pay tolls would be able to paid with an electronic card or tag, writes Meta.

– Everything is ready and tested for the electronic payment of pay tolls to start – state Director Kitanov for “Meta” on June 13.

However, from the public enterprise today they have explained that the payment should start on Wednesday.

– Unofficially, the system should start on Wednesday – they explained from the public enterprise in a telephone conversation for “Meta”.

Small hydropower plants in North Macedonia are privileged

The environmental associations Eco Svest and CEE Bankwatch Network yesterday submitted a complaint to the Energy community for unfair use of small hydropower plants over other energy resources.

Macedonia is a signatory to the Energy Community Treaty, which forbids “any public assistance that distorts or threatens to disrupt the competition by favoring certain enterprises or certain energy resources”.

Small hydropower plants in these past years are destroying South east Europe – including North Macedonia – because of their rapid development, often in protected areas, and lack of implementation of environmental laws.

Angela Peterovska

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