GREEN FUTURE Jegunovce: There’s no perspective for the country, let alone for our municipality

Is a black or green future awaiting our country? What are the perspectives, especially for the citizens that live in areas that are sources of greenery and natural resources? A resident of Jegunovce replied to this question, during the visit of CIVIL’s team in this municipality last week, as part of the activities of the “Green Future” project.

“I think that there are no perspectives in the country, especially not in the Municipality of Jegunovce. Factories are being closed, young people are leaving the country, they promised that Jugohrom would open, the previous government and this one, but nothing of that”, says the citizen.

But Jugohrom is a polluter…we say, to which we received an answer that the government promised changing of filters, meeting standards…but nothing of that.

“Jegunovce is nice and green, but there’s no life. What you see now is how it’s been since the time of Tito. What was built then and that’s all, then both one and the others took apart what was worthy. Their buildings are nice, but both one and the others look only for themselves (referring to the two party buildings of SDSM and VMRO, one across the other in the center of Jegunovce)”, says the citizen.

He believes that the Government should come to Jegunovce to see how they live there. According to him, Jugohrom doesn’t have to open and pollute, but it can open an industrial zone, invest in different businesses and factories that don’t pollute, but can employ.

“The main problem is the economy. We can’t move forward and think only about greenery, when prices are high and keep rising, and salaries remain the same. Here we don’t have interethnic problems. If there is such an opinion, then it’s because of the media. If the standard is good, nobody cares about which nationality, religion a person is, whether one is white or black and so on”, he says.

Our awareness should be at a higher level, we should be thinking pro-European, considers the citizen.

Discussion led by: Xhabir Deralla

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