DAILY BRIEF January 22: Constitutional “ditches” procedure for April 27, Government annuls Mizrahi’s decisions, Spain to urgently ratify NATO Protocol

News of the day: Constitutional Court today did not initiate a procedure for “April 27”

The Initiative for assessing the constitutionality and legality of the Law on amnesty as a whole, submitted by Todor Petrov from the World Macedonian Congress and the Initiative for Article 2 of the same law, submitted by lawyer Joshevska Anastasovska, were considered by the Constitutional Court as the first item at today’s second session.

The positions of the Constitutional Judges were divided. Constitutional Judge Naser Ajdari, explaining the initiatives, said that the requests for determining constitutionality should be rejected as unfounded because the court has already ruled on the law.

Topic of the dayGovernment annuls Mizrahi’s dismissals and appointments of acting directors in social work centers

The Government decided to annul the decisions of Technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy Rashela Mizrahi for dismissal and appointment of acting directors of social work centers in Stip, Bitola, Probistip, Valandovo, Prilep and Radovis. The Government announced that the Technical Minister, contrary to the Law and by pressuring the employees in the archive (with a written order), had passed the decisions for dismissal and appointment of other acting directors in public institutions – intermunicipal centers for social work, is added in the Government announcement.

Flash: The slowness of the Constitutional Court gives room to dirty propagandists  comments: Xhabir Deralla

The Constitutional court did not initiate a procedure for assessing the constitutionality and legality of the Law on Amnesty as a whole, while the Initiative for assessing Article 2 of the same law was rejected, because it has already been decided on that. News that should not mean much in this general pre-election chaos.

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POLITICALLY OKAY CORRALMany Jedi, zero solutions!

The oral settling of scores between political parties continues at an unabated pace, with press releases and statements coming one after another. The Prespa Agreement remains as an axis around which there is much fuss between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, while VMRO-DPMNE is ever more sharpening the toxic rhetoric.

SDSM inform on their successes during their term, about the successful policies of SDSM that have reduced unemployment to 17.1% and have opened 60.000 new jobs and about the Employment Operation Plan for 2019 that has been realized with a huge 98.6%.

In regards to VMRO-DPMNE’s empty and ridiculous threats that “when they come” to power they will destroy the Prespa Agreement in a “Jedi” way, SDSM says that VMRO-DPMNE’s announcements for annulling the Prespa Agreement are a direct threat to the full membership in NATO, the EU perspectives and in general to the future of the country.

The “independent” parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE also reacted, indeed a bit vaguely, but still legitimately. The “independent ones” from VMRO entirely reject the false allegations presented by MP Antonio Milosevski yesterday on the Alfa TV show “What’s Not Clear”, where he accused them of bribery and voting on the constitutional amendments. Independently.

In the meanwhile, it is not known what exactly DUI is thinking, because, apart from the superficial activities of Bujar Osmani by promoting a signed contract for construction of as many as 2 kilometres highway from the bordering village of Blace to the border with the Republic of Kosovo, DUI is keeping silent comfortably and self-satisfied in their decades-long occupied government and parliamentary armchairs. As things are developing, their armchairs will remain warm.

For the parallel “opposition” (parallel because in our country we have parallel political options from “ethnical” declarative motives) of the Albanian bloc of political parties, it is still unknown whether they will form a coalition. So far, it is only known that they are fighting against an imaginary state enemy No. 1, and that of course being DUI, and it is imaginary because their “fight” against DUI is also imaginary. Like a Jedi from the block.


Today the 123rd session continued in Parliament, where on the agenda were the two draft laws on amending and supplementing the Electoral Code, to which several thousand amendments have been submitted. The changes anticipate one constituency and open lists. The parties have not reached a consensus on the issue of amending the Electoral Code.

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption demands strengthening of the criteria for granting state assistance to the printed media and for the media not to receive budget money for election campaigns. This year, the Government will grant printed media subsidies in the amount of 50 million denars or 813.000 euros.

Acting President of the Supreme Court, Faik Arslani, today announced that currently at the handing over of the function in the Cabinet of the previous President of the Supreme Court, Jovo Vangelovski, thirty old cases had been found that had been ruled, partially signed by judges, and partially not.

The Government of Spain requested from the Parliament to ratify the Protocol in an urgent procedure, having in consideration that Spain is the last of the 29 NATO member states that still has not ratified it.

The public reacted positively to the Government’s positive decision to the Parliament’s request for a draft law on subsidizing student meals. The draft law anticipates 120 denars daily, or 2.400 denars monthly for every student to be able to afford a healthy student meal.


New edition of SCAN political magazine: Emel Ramkovska, victim of the regime

CIVIL is organizing a seminar on transparent and responsible political processes that will be held in Gostivar on January 25, and is intended for citizens of the Polog region. Application for participation in the seminar is ongoing, and participation is one of the preconditions for monitoring the upcoming early parliamentary elections.


In today’s morning column “Both Trump and Shilegov have the same problem”, Saso Ordanoski reflects on the global model of dealing with the problem of environmental degradation and Mayor Shilegov’s dealing with the Drisla landfill scandal.

“Come on, millions of tons of waste brought from Italy, through Bulgaria, or other European countries, I even understand that scheme: but what kind of thousands of tons of garbage have we, God damn it, imported from Pakistan!? I’ve been to that Pakistan several times, a country with 218 million inhabitants and with a respectable arsenal of nuclear weapons, and I can freely inform you that, by free estimation, there is no such waste that can’t be treated there or dumped in landfills (the smaller ones are the size of Skopje), or at least thrown on the other side of the border with Afghanistan (under the condition you survive the transport through the FATA region of the Taliban tribes)”.

From a corner, Zoran Ivanov in today’s column “Man Deceits” writes about Mickoski’s intention of changing the Prespa Agreement once he comes to power.

“He would change the Prespa Agreement. No, he will not change even a comma. And he knows this very well. On the contrary, if he does believe in this, then that would mean that he has a problem. And a very big problem. And that he needs help. In the vocabulary of foreign words, it is written as mythomania. To believe in the unbelievable, in the myth. And, they say, with a bit more effort, it can be cured”.

Diana Tahiri in cooperation with Dehran MuratovXhabir DerallaSaso Ordanoski and Zoran Ivanov

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska

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