DAILY BRIEF Intentional or unintentional delaying in the forming of SEC

Today the legal regulations for funding of political parties, which are assessed as good, were being debated. According to the guests at the roundtable “Improving the model for financing of political parties in Macedonia”, organized by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in cooperation with Transparency International Macedonia. The problem lies in the transparency and control of the process. This implies strengthening of control by creating a competent institution, because the funding of political parties can be the door through which corruption enters the entire system.

The SEC, on the other hand, as an institution responsible for the election processes, where financial reports of political parties are submitted to during elections, has still not been formed. Today, Renata Deskoska, Minister of Justice, stated that the election of the new composition of the SEC should not depend on any other packages and other laws, because not forming the SEC on time can cause problems in organizing the referendum. And the Agreement with Greece on the name issue, on the other hand, depends on the referendum, and joining EU and NATO on its successful implementation and positive outcome…hence, the importance of finally forming the SEC is of highest priority.

The Government of Macedonia will treat the citizens with a celebration throughout the country on the occasion of the invitation for NATO membership and date for negotiations with the EU. The celebration across 15 cities will be take place on Saturday, July 14, with over 40 domestic artists and musicians.

Today’s activity of the Ministry of Defense, that is, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, also needs to be welcomed, with which Macedonia is joining the “Smart Defense” initiative for munition and land warfare, together with 17 defense ministers of NATO member states.

The Alliance published the Joint Declaration from the NATO Summit in Brussels, according to which, among else, the clause for mutual protection is confirmed, the costs are determined, an improved command structure is foreseen, as measures in the fight against terrorism. The Declaration includes a joint position towards Russia and Ukraine, namely, the worsening security situation in Russia and its annexation of Crimea.

Today hearings were scheduled in court for the cases “Trajectory”, “Trust” and “Tariff”. A new hearing for “Trajectory” has been scheduled for September 4. Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, former Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Pesevski, former Minister of Transport and Communications, Mile Janakievski and former Director of State Roads, Ljupco Georgievski, are suspected that in 2012/2013 they overstepped their authorities in the procedure for selection of a company for the construction of the highway sections to Stip and Ohrid.

And from sports news, we highlight the victory of Croatia against England in last night’s football spectacle at the World Cup 2018, and thus entering the World Cup final. The World Cup final will be held on Sunday, starting at 5.00 pm against France. Entire Croatia was celebrating the biggest sports success since its independence, and it was also celebrated in Macedonia.


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