HATE SPEECH Imprisonment and fines for fans spreading nationalism and hate speech – demand the citizens

“Imprisonment up to 10 years in prison”, “fines up to 5 thousand euros”, “bans from attending sports matches for 5 years”, are just some of the comments to the question that CIVIL posted on its Facebook page ten days ago as follows – “What do you think about the nationalism present among fan groups, and how should the institutions deal with this?

Below are some of the comments:

Aleksandar Kondev writes: “Cheering is passion, socializing, cheerfulness, but certainly not “politics”… Sports have been abused since the time of fascist Germany, the Olympic Games in 1936, fans become a crowd for sowing fear. You remember Arkan and the gang… but it is done with the permission of the police and courts. Margaret Thatcher proved in the best way how to separate hooligans from real sports lovers. At one time, these gangs led “high politics” here too, the “Kale” case with the “Smugglers” and “Komiti”, where science, politics, history and religion were all mixed up. This will be difficult to resolve as long as those people sit in parliamentary seats or are in high positions.

You know the leaders, they are at the top of politics here even today. It will be difficult to resolve this as long as those people are sitting in parliamentary seats or are in high positions.

Ilirida Emale writes: “It’s an easy task, if the institutions want to solve this problem. First, do not allow them to enter the stadium, and secondly, fine them with about 5,000 euros per person, and a positive result will be seen. Take the example with England, they even put up bars right up to the field itself. If there is will, everything is possible, it’s just that it doesn’t suit someone”.

Mieser Saiti says: “They have to deal with this, but it’s not possible because the institutions are filled with such, just dressed in suits and official uniforms”.

Olga Dolica writes: “Before each sports event, 24 hours in detention, if they cause problems also 1,000 euro fines, and again 24 hours in detention”.

Dzengis Agush writes: “Until yesterday, these fans used to be followers of the government, building up national chauvinism. Strict application of the laws is needed!”.

Aleksandar Todorovski writes: “Like in England, not being able to appear at sports events for 5 years. They can become fishermen…”.

Nenad Popovic says: “Look how Ms. Thatcher solved the problem. Three years in front of empty stadiums”.

Goran Cvetanovski writes: “The so-called fans are not a problem. The centers financing and instructing them are the problem. One Serbian analyst once said that these characters (so-called fans) don’t know how to do absolutely anything in order to get to be present in the media – and these “activities” quite easily put them in the media, and then they feel very happy”.

Shaban Ahmeti says: “It can be very easily solved with imprisonment from 10 to 20 years, and then let’s see them play on the card of nationalism, but only if there is equal justice for all without any exception”.

Zoran Janakieski comments: “First cut down on their finances, which are not insignificant, while the fines should be huge and sports in every category that cause damage should be banned”.

Viktor Fronski says: “Only ‘Goli Otok’ in June, July and August, with 12 hours of breaking stones. A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Kadri Demiri says: “Very simple, the state bodies, the MOI and the PPO need to respect the laws and that’s it”.

Ana Simonova says that first they need to deal with themselves, to use their brain functions, and then the institutions won’t have to take action.

CIVIL strongly condemns the hate speech, spreading of hatred on ethnic grounds and calls for violence that fan groups have been continuously promoting for years.

CIVIL advocates for a society in which there is freedom, equality and justice, a society in which the citizens feel safe and trust the institutions, where security, freedom of movement and freedom of expression are guaranteed by law and with the efficient functioning of the system.


Translation: N.Cvetkovska


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