INTEGRATION Holstein: No intergovernmental conference with N.Macedonia would be failure of German EU Presidency

The German EU Presidency has a clear goal regarding the enlargement process – the first intergovernmental conference with North Macedonia by the end of the year, said German Ambassador Anke Holstein on Wednesday.

Ambassador Holstein told reporters “it would be a failure” if the country did not start the EU accession negotiations during the German Presidency with the Council.

“All member-states gave the green light for the start of North Macedonia’s accession negotiations back in March. We are working hard on holding the intergovernmental conference and we are optimistic that the objective will be realized,” said Holstein.

According to her, the Berlin Process is facilitating the process and expressed belief of a constructive atmosphere during November’s co-chairing of the Sofia summit.

“This is an important date for the December agenda. According to proceedings, November 10 is the final opportunity to endorse the negotiating framework and we will do everything to achieve this,” added Holstein.

EU Ambassador David Geer said the decision on the opening of negotiations was adopted in March and the discussions on the negotiating framework are ongoing in Brussels.

“I hope that an agreement will be reached by the end of the year,” said Geer when asked about the negotiating framework.

Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Nikola Dimitrov also expressed assurance that both Brussels and Berlin recognize the opportunity.

“We had an unconditional decision for the start of negotiations in March and I believe it will be beneficial for all, the EU and all neighbors to have this wrapped up in December so that we finally have full access to the tools within the accession process,” noted Deputy PM Dimitrov.

Ambassador Holstein, Ambassador Geer and Deputy PM Dimitrov took part in an online promotional event of project “Promoting Common Values Across Europe”, organized by Transparency International-Macedonia.

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