OPINION FYROMs from Budapest are not celebrating Independence day today


The fyroms today on September 8, Independence Day, didn’t find a reason to celebrate. They didn’t even make an effort to do the decent thing, to at least tail along the protocol and pay respect to the departed Macedonian presidents. No, they were out on a picnic.

There would’ve been no reason to be giving them too much importance, if they hadn’t been so destructive and present in the public and political life. And that is at the expense of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who today are celebrating together. But this is not at all strange.

They haven’t showed with a single action or statement that they are distancing themselves from the evil that they inflicted on the country during their rule. They haven’t showed with anything that they are not supporters of the criminal rule. On the contrary, their honorary president formally, and a real boss, is still Nikola Gruevski. He, who has been renounced by his closest collaborators, godparents, and even by part of his family for cowardly fleeing from justice, although he himself wrote and stated that he wouldn’t. He, the fugitive fleeing from justice, is still ruling in the ugly white building with a guard-house, the ulcer in the center of Skopje that destroyed it just in order for it to fit his maniacal imaginations of what the capital should look like. And that is just one part of the entire dark story related to them…

Naturally, the pawns of, nevertheless, the destructive (asylum) Family, the fyroms, had nothing smarter to do today, except, with our money, to walk around and demonstratively not participate in the celebration of Macedonia’s Independence Day. They “celebrated” in their own way, but not with their own money, but with money from the state budget. And they have lots of money. They’ve picked up public money and have lots of black money. And they’re investing them in destruction.

They’re blocking the law on public prosecutors as much as they can, they’re discrediting every institution that can threaten their comfort and break their decade-long impunity. That entire white building, from the top to the underground garages, and all the troll factories, are absorbed on hindering the European future of the country. And they’re doing many more bad things.

That is more than irresponsibility. Even a freshman at a law faculty knows what that is.

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