VIEWS For Zaev crystal clear, for Gruevski most criminal elections ever

Leader of SDSM and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, considers that the elections that were held on October 15 were crystal clear, fair and free, with isolated incidents, which was also confirmed by the international institutions.

“Those who are defeated have a right to be angry, I understand that. I did not see any seriousness in the statements he made. I really cannot conclude neither logically, nor rationally what the evidence is, what the reasons are or what, actually, had happened in Macedonia. I am a rational person, I always talk things through, I am willing to accept corrections, to correct myself and the political party and our coalition partners, but in Macedonia the freely expressed will is literally shining and there is absolutely no dilemma about that”, said Zaev during his visit to Kavadarci.

From VMRO-DPMNE they react and say that these are the first elections in which a direct participant in the election process has been killed. One candidate for mayor had his head broken, and every day there are testimonies about threats with weapons, intimidation and vote-buying.

“Zaev’s lies will not cover the fact that these have been the most criminal elections so far. The SEC was put under entire party control, while its members, who did not obey Zaev’s order, were intimidated with reports and accusations from the SPO. Such criminal actions will one day be investigated, documented and there will be responsibility for them”, is said in the announcement.

While VMRO-DPMNE was winning at elections, they were conducted in a “Scandinavian” manner without any remarks, and now, when they have lost the elections in almost the entire country, these elections are the most criminal ever for the members of the party. Unlike VMRO-DPMNE, for SDSM these elections were “crystal clear” with isolated incidents. And maybe the killing, fights, cars and houses that were set on fire….are not related directly with the election process, but happened during a campaign. Do the political opponents need to change their “eyeglasses” with which they see the elections, and perhaps then they will have a crystal clear picture of how the election process is.

Dehran Muratov

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