POLITICS FM Osmani: Businesses strengthen good neighbourly relations

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met Tuesday with the representatives of North Macedonia’s Chambers of Commerce, which make up the Business Dialogue Committee as well as the International Group of Experts that are part of this business dialogue with Greek companies.

The meeting was held ahead of Osmani’s visit to Athens, in an effort to exchange views and coordinate future activities arising from the strategic partnership agreement and the action plan, designed to encourage dialogue between the business communities of the two neighbouring countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

“North Macedonia attaches great importance to relations with friendly Greece, which is one of our most important trade partners and investors with which we already built up a remarkable level of cooperation. I expect future actions of Business Dialogue Committee and International Group of Experts to reinforce and complement the successful communication towards enhancement of potentials and opportunities for business,” Osmani said, adding that good neighbourly relations are the top priority of the country’s foreign policy, not only in terms of political stability, but also with respect to the need for greater economic exchange and cooperation.

The two countries stand ready to find the best solutions through their business communities in terms of regulating trademarks, brand names and origin, which will contribute to even more intensive cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece, press release reads.

“Business and the economy have a pragmatic approach and strengthen good neighbourly relations,” Osmani noted.

Views presented at the meeting will be the discussed with the Greek side during his forthcoming visit to Athens.

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