POLITICS Filipche: VMRO-DPMNE motion for new commission ‘unsubstantiated’

Health Minister Venko Filipche says Wednesday that VMRO-DPMNE’s motion to set up a special commission to fight COVID-19 elected by the Parliament is only a way to demonstrate alleged concern and constructiveness but is in fact entirely unsubstantiated.

“The Commission for Infectious Diseases incorporates top professionals, experts in their field. Since the onset of the crisis, all decisions, recommendations and measures issued by the Commission are based on substantiated epidemiological analyses and taken unanimously, in the interest of the people’s health. I strongly react to the repeated attempt by VMRO-DPMNE to block the amendments to the Law on Protection of the Population from Communicable Diseases and the new measures to fight the virus. This is an intentional attempt to score political points by directly endangering the population’s health,” says Minister Filipche in a Facebook post.

He calls for reason and responsibility, and putting public health above partisan interests.

“The virus will not wait, measures must be urgently enforced,” says Filipche.


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