DAILY BRIEF February 19: Consensual negotiations, Coca-Cola, distilled water and bikinis while we are suffocating

Uncertain outcome of the consensual candidate

After yesterday’s meeting between President of SDSM and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the President of the Democratic Union for Integration, Ali Ahmeti, where again there was no concrete agreement about the possible consensual candidate for the upcoming elections, Zaev today is meeting the President of the newly-formed party “Alternative”, Afrim Gashi, and also the President of the Democratic Party of the Albanians, Menduh Thaci. The topic of the meetings will be the name of the future consensual candidate for president of the state.

According to forecasts, by the end of the week it should be known whether the coalition partners in the government will come out at the presidential elections with a joint candidate, or each of them will separately nominate their favorite.

Two candidates between Coca-Cola and distilled water

The President of the Party for Full Emancipation of the Roma, Samka Ibraimovski, stated at a press conference that he would run for president of the state “so that the Roma can be recounted”.

He also stated that he sees no competition in Amdi Bajram, because according to him, he is no longer Coca-Cola, but distilled water.

“I would like to run for president because I have a rich political career, I was an MP for two terms, a deputy minister, minister, member of the Council of Europe of the Roma Forum, member of KAHROM, Director of the Asylum Center of Republic of Macedonia”, said Ibraimovski.

Siljanovska also wears bikini

VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate, Gordana Siljanovska, decided to respond to the criticism and attacks about her appearance with a short video on her Facebook profile.

Siljanovska says that she has more attractive photos in bikinis, but that she doesn’t accept to be an inspiration to men.

“We women always have to get dressed up in order to convince men that they shouldn’t listen to us, but look at us. I don’t accept such a role. We need to put an end to being an inspiration to men. Not to be Gala, or Dora Maar, but to be Dali and Picasso in politics. Politics have become a monster, and we women can make it the art of the possible, just like we make out of life the art of the impossible when we give birth”, says Siljanovska.

Skopje today among the 10 most polluted cities in the world

Skopje today is again high on the list of cities with very high air pollution. The website “Airvisual”, where data is collected from all measuring stations in the world, shows that our capitol currently is ranked in 8-th place according to the presence of dangerous particles in the air. According to “Airvisual”, it is most polluted in the center and around the Rectorate.

CIVIL with reinforced monitoring and mobilization of observers

The organization, known for publishing views and facts about the reality without calculations and censorship, and also for its unscrupulous fight for human rights and freedoms, is carrying out long-term monitoring of the social-political and electoral processes and the situation of human rights.

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is collecting applications (applications) for short-term and long-term observers of the election process. Those who have already been observers for the organization in the previous election processes do have an advantage, as well as those who have visited the seminars for citizen journalism. Nevertheless, all those who are interested should fill out an application, and a separate committee will make the final selection. One of the rules is that one cannot be an observer for two organizations at the same time. Party activists do not have the right to participate in this call.

How do we deal with hate speech and fake news?

CIVIL today is with a new question for citizens.

“Are the institutions successfully dealing with hate speech and fake news on the social networks and in the media?”, is the question to which you can give your answer at the following link.

As to yesterday’s question on whether the citizens think that people under investigation or accused for serious crime should represent Macedonia in European and world institutions, such as NATO, the EU, the UN….so far, 178 citizens have responded to the question, of which six think that it is completely normal.

CIVIL in a fight against hate speech

Hate speech and fake news are part of CIVIL’s long-term monitoring. Hate speech and fake news can also be reported anonymously to CIVIL. It is important to make a screenshot of the posts and comments that contain hate speech and fake news, and of their links as well, that is, from their authors. Reporting hate speech and fake news, and all other irregularities as well, can also be made through the online application on the website Free elections, if it is in the election context. In a wider context, reporting can be made by sending a Facebook message to CIVIL, or by email at:

Comments and posts with hate speech on the social networks and in the media can also be reported to the Ministry of Interior. On the MOI’s website there is a Red Button where you can report abuse of children, human trafficking and hate crime and calls for violence.

М. Ivanovska
Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska



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