ACTION “Europe is our home” with field activities Prilep, Bitola, Novaci, mogila and Resen

CIVIL invites all citizens to visit the info stands in Prilep, Mogila, Novaci, Bitola and Resen, tomorrow starting at 11 am, dedicated to the promotion of European values and integration.

Tomorrow, October 14, starting in Tetovo, citizens together with the CIVIL team, in direct communication, will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and views on the democratic process in the country and to be part of the creation of public opinion at local and national level.

In addition to information material on the project activities of “Europe is our home”, citizens will be able to be informed about other components of this comprehensive and complex project which also promotes European values and supports European integration and helps in the fight against corruption, by strengthening public awareness and cooperation with relevant institutions in the country.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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