ACTION Elezovski: To inform and alert more about environmental protection

“Right now these are important questions everywhere, what surrounds us and we want to propose means life for all of us. We are witnesses that our pandemic and negligence, in a world of great interests, brought a serious and difficult situation in the survival of the planet “, said Asmet Elezovski from the National Roma Centrum in Kumanovo at the conference” Greens are coming 2020 “organized by CIVIL.

“Often these days we witness that the cities are enormously polluted, starting from Skopje, all cities, even cities that were rarely polluted in the past years or minimally, are now polluted. Kumanovo happens to be after Skopje or Tetovo, sometimes in the first place in terms of pollution, it is not clear to us where from, many factories are closed, those who were polluters at one point do not exist now, now it really is a big question where it comes from.” Elezovski pointed out.

He added that most cities across the country are occupied with concrete buildings and no green spaces and that people complain that they do not have space to enjoy fresh air.

“We need to continue and we need to put more pressure on the world’s supporters for the environment, people who have experience. In the last 5 years, working in healthcare, we have an increased percentage of pneumonia in humans, asthma, breast cancer in women, and on the other hand at birth it happens that children have breathing problems, which are often forced to use drugs, and now, even with the pandemic, we have uncontrolled drugs, without medical control, we are in a difficult and serious situation,” Elezovski added.

“We need a healthy environment and future, we may be victims of this situation, if not for us, at least for our future generations to provide a better life and better conditions, it will take a long time, because of climate change and carelessness for profit. . Let us be strong and aware and inform and alert more, because it is the only weapon we have got, information and pressure are the strongest weapon and to help the real experts for that,” added Elezovski.

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