POLITICS Deralla: A law that changes multiple times cannot be a good law, a new Electoral Code needs to be prepared from scratch

Macedonian politics and system has no capacity at the moment, and there can be a lack of political will and we should go back to the roots and I want to share a statistic of CIVIL, which is that in the past 4 years on one of our pages there are less than 40 thousand media contents, what stopped me preparing for this conference is that 6,200 and more contents are dedicated to the elections in the form of reports, analyzes, columns, etc., said Xhabir Deralla at the panel discussion of CIVIL “Electoral Reform: Desires vs. Reality.”

“Only for the contribution in the media sphere of CIVIL can point to the fact that all the time we are somewhere on basic points, we are always somewhere at the beginning and there is no way to go further.

Derkoski once said, he located all the problems that CIVIL has pointed out to the public in recent years, CIVIL is a non-governmental organization, but it is strange that a SEC president never managed to get his main remarks to be heard in a political and systemic context.

Only on CIVIL Media there are 131 contents that contain the recommendations and I will state with regret that as in the case of Derkoski, very little if not at all reached the institutions, but reached the public, many NGOs, public figures…

CIVIL in the past 4 years only, out of the 12 of which we observe, 131 media content over 100 different aspects, expert opinions, we have serious elaborated recommendations for the election model, the election code…

A law that is changed 30 times can not be a good law, we asked the Parliament, the Government to work quickly on a new election code completely from scratch.

Election administration is often a serious problem despite the hard work and of course the financing of political parties, media financing and political corruption, which is very little worked on, especially in the electoral process.

What is important to us in this domain is that although there is a weakness, one constituency for our country is quite enough, the SEC reforms as the SEC experts and our associates have elaborated, submitted to relevant institutions and should be done as fast as possible.

Political corruption and the financing of political parties and campaigns is one of the most serious problems that Macedonian society has, elections are the beginning and end of every possible transformation in society, no matter who comes to power after the elections, it is important to know that the system must work. We have a situation where the whole system is stuck in politics, we are still at basic levels and such as the possibilities are, we can not dream of science fiction about what our electoral system should look like,” Deralla said.

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