DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: Measures for preserving the status of the Ohrid Region in UNESCO, judicial reforms, construction of social housing apartments

NEWS OF THE DAY: The government will take all steps and measures for the status of the Ohrid region in UNESCO not to be put at risk

If someone does not have the will to work and solve problems for which they have been tasked by the citizens in direct elections, then we will take all steps in order for the status of the Ohrid region in UNESCO not to be put at risk, said today Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bocvarski, in response to a journalist question about UNESCO’s draft report on the situation with the protected natural and cultural heritage of the Ohrid region and the recommendation for it to be included on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

He announced that the information with the recommendations will be reviewed these days at a government session and in coordination with the respective ministries and local governments.

– I agree that we should not allow for the last moment to come, the report has been sent, we are now reviewing it, we are in communication and the Ministry of Culture will be in communication with UNESCO. We will act according to the recommendations, and what that action means you will see in the next period, said Bocvarski.

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Maricic: The government has a stable four-year mandate for carrying out the judicial reforms


Naumce Mojsovski – Perspectives 2021: The Agency of Youth and Sport will be focused on implementing the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies

One of the key tasks of this government, as well of the Agency of Youth and Sport, is to bring back the youth, to create an enabling environment for their development and affirmation. All youth policies, ideas and solutions, in the direction of creating a better living standard for the youth, are brought together with the youth, with youth organizations, in a transparent and inclusive process”, says Naumce Mojsovski, Director of the Agency of Youth and Sport, for CIVIL Media.

He emphasised that the Agency of Youth and Sport in 2021 will be focused on implementing the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies, which was adopted at the beginning of 2020.


The opening of the EU accession talks for North Macedonia should happen and I hope we will succeed to achieve that this year. There is no other alternative. All conditions have been fulfilled by North Macedonia, stated today German Ambassador to the country Anke Holstein.

VMRO-DPMNE demands for the draft Law on Census to be immediately withdrawn from parliamentary debate and for the ruling majority to organize an intra-party and intra-state debate with all social stakeholders for the purpose of finding a consensual solution on how to conduct this statistical operation.

According to data of the weekly report of the Institute for Public Health for the period January 4 – 10, a total of 13.022 materials have been tested in laboratories where molecular testing and antigen testing is performed for presence of  SARS-CoV-2, which is an increase of 20,8 percent compared to last week, announced the Ministry of Health.

In the period January 4 – 10, 2021, a total of 2,608 inspections have been conducted by the seven inspection services, in regards to compliance to health protocols and laws under the competence of the inspectorates.

The government at yesterday’s session accepted the Draft Program of the Ministry of Health regarding the mandatory immunization of the population of North Macedonia for 2021, which contains a plan for providing the annual needs of vaccines for mandatory immunization and vaccines by epidemiological indications.

Special Envoy of the government of the Republic of North Macedonia Vlado Buckovski had a working meeting in Sofia with eminent cultural figures from Republic of Bulgaria, where the interlocutors agreed that the development of the cultural-artistic relations between the two countries is going in a good direction.

“For this year, in cooperation with the Joint stock company for construction and management of residential and commercial property, we plan construction of 5 new buildings with over 200 apartments intended for vulnerable categories of citizens”, said Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bocvarski at today’s press conference, where together with the Director of the Joint stock company for construction and management of residential and commercial property, Kristijan Trajkovski, they informed about the dynamics of the construction of the social buildings in the municipalities.



translation: N. Cvetkovska

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