DAILY BRIEF Daily Brief: CIVIL’s Green Caravan starts, VMRO-DPMNE protests with a “modest” Mercedes against the rise in electricity price…

NEWS OF THE DAY CIVIL’s Green Caravan sets off from Skopje today
With an info-stand at the Freedom Square, in front of the “Koco Racin” House of Culture in
Skopje, CIVIL’s Green Caravan started at 11.00 am. CIVIL President Xhabir Deralla in a
statement for the media addressed the citizens. At the info-stand, citizens had the opportunity
to exchange experience and views with CIVIL’s team.

CIVIL’s Green Caravan is dedicated to promotion and strengthening of green values, social
justice and antinationalism. Social justice and antinationalism are part of the European and

green values that CIVIL has been advocating in its 20 years of existence, and in the past several
years also in partnership with the Heinrich Bǒll Foundation, whose regional office is in Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
CIVIL’s teams and activists will be travelling across the country and will hold multiple events in
cooperation with the municipalities and local civil society organizations. Workshops will be
held on the topic “The Greens Are Coming” in Stip, Gostivar, Veles, Kavadarci and Skopje. A
series of meetings will be held with citizens also in other municipalities throughout the entire
The Green Caravan will end with a national conference dedicated to green values and
strategies, as the only sustainable alternative for society and the country. The Green Caravan is
part of the project “The Greens Are Coming” that is implemented in cooperation with the
Heinrich Bǒll Foundation.

VMRO – DPMNE with “modest” cars, under the slogan “Rich government – poor people”, today
blocked the streets in Skopje in sign of protest against the increase in the price of electricity.

Protests of VMRO-DPMNE in Skopje against the rise in cost of electricity / Foto by: Arben Zeqiri

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