WORKSHOP CIVIL with “Green Future” in Stip

CIVIL is organizing a workshop titled “Green Future”, dedicated to green values, social justice and antinationalism, tomorrow in Stip, starting at 1.00 pm. CIVIL’s project team answers why it is important to be part of this workshop.

These past years, the number of non-governmental organizations dealing with these topics has rapidly increased in the Republic of North Macedonia. Problems with social (in)justice, green values, contrary to the disaster from the pollution that is happening to us, are ever more mentioned in pre-election campaigns of political parties, and declarative commitments are often heard in the public about one society for all, while the reality is completely different. Who are we, where are we, what are we doing and what are the results? These are part of the questions that we will try to answer at this workshop, where there will really be interesting things to be heard and said.

If we really would like to take concrete steps towards improving the situation in our society and country, then it’s about time we also discussed matters concretely and to the point!

CIVIL’s workshop is an opportunity for all socially active citizens, regardless of where they come from, whether they are part of the NGO sector or part of a party, to present their views and proposals.

CIVIL is already implementing activities for establishing an informal civic initiative related to topics relevant to the project, which will represent another possibility for discussion and start of a new, or strengthening of the existing cooperation among stakeholders and structures in which decisions are made at the local and national level.

CIVIL leaflet on green values. Photo: М. Ivanovska/CIVIL

In the project documents and in the invitation of the organizers it is said:

“Green Future” is a project for supporting advocacy and strengthening public awareness on green values, social justice and antinationalism.

Republic of North Macedonia needs comprehensive, civic, political and institutional action for promotion, education and practicing of green values, which is an integral part of the global trends in politics, the economy, education and civic organization in the widest sense of the word. Green values certainly imply care for natural resources and require transformation from a consumption into a sustainable society, with new concepts of economy, and especially of energy.

Human rights and freedoms, equality and inclusiveness are an essential part of green values. In that context, and especially in the context of the Western Balkans countries, green values are indivisible and in their framework also imply social justice and antinationalism as a precondition for development of a free and democratic society and building of a sustainable future.

CIVIL’s project will be presented at the workshop, which is implemented in partnership with the Heinrich Bǒll Foundation from Germany. In the working part of this event, a discussion will be opened on the opportunities. Furthermore, special attention will be given to green initiatives and strategies, as well as to issues related to the promotion and practicing of European values and green alternatives, ahead of Macedonia’s EU integration processes.

CIVIL invites all interested civil society organizations, green initiatives, political parties, the media, activists and interested citizens to these workshops.

The agenda for the two-hour event anticipates 15 minutes at the very beginning for statements for the media, and the sessions begin immediately afterwards, where video and audio recording is not allowed. After the presentation of the project “Green Future”, and the connection between European and green values, social and environmental justice, a discussion will be opened on the topics: “Green values at the local and central level: situation, challenges and perspectives” and “Citizen participation in social processes for support of the democratic reforms, green alternatives and antinationalism”.

As always, CIVIL’s team will be prepared for interventions in the agenda, depending on the proposals of participants at the workshop. During the breaks and after the event, CIVIL’s team for media production will ask for statements from interested participants on the topics that will be covered at the workshop.

CIVIL Communication Team


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