COMPLAINTS CIVIL will submit a report to the SEC on the irregularities

CIVIL – Center for Freedom processed over 240 reports until 12:00 o’clock, on October 17. The number of complaints submitted to the SEC is relatively small in comparison to the number of reports on irregularities from CIVIL’s election monitoring.

CIVIL appealed for citizens to use the opportunity of submitting complaints to the SEC. Citizens can submit their complaints also to the Municipal Election Commissions or directly to the State Election Commission.

CIVIL will send to the SEC, within the given deadline, all complaints relating to unfulfilled voting rights and inappropriate behaviors of the election boards, violations of the secrecy of voting, problems at the polling stations, as well as all other irregularities.

Even though according to the law CIVIL does not have the right to submit a complaint, it has competencies to act on its own initiative, based on indications. The SEC did not use its high competencies until now, but they express hope that CIVIL will finally be encouraged to do so.

B. Jordanovska

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