EVENTS CIVIL will hold a press conference and panel discussion

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is organizing two events: a press conference on key activities in the following weeks (at 12:30h), and a panel discussion “Headless Macedonia” (13:00h), on Friday, January 13, at City Park Hotel, Skopje.

At the press conference starting at 12:30h, CIVIL will emphasize the main post-election recommendations, and will announce the publication of the final report on the election monitoring and the activities related to the findings of the election monitoring. Furthermore, CIVIL will also announce: promotion of the documentary film on the Freedom Caravan; citizen journalists award ceremony; conference on the publication “Shrinking Spaces”, and will present the official start of media projects of Civil Media.

The start of the long-term election monitoring in the upcoming local elections will also be announced at the press conference.

The press conference will last 25 minutes.

The panel discussion “Headless Macedonia” will start at 13:00h and will cover three areas: “Coalition combinations”, “Ethnic (dis)balance” and “Are EU and NATO an option for Macedonia?”. Introductory speeches will be given by Dr. Saso Ordanoski, political analyst and university professor, Dr. Malinka Ristevska Jordanova from the European Policy Institute and Ramadan Ramadani, university professor and columnist for the weekly magazine “Fokus”.

Moderators at the panel discussion will be Dijana Tahiri and Marija Tegovska from CIVIL, with other representatives from CIVIL taking part in the discussion, among which are Petrit Saracini, Sinisa Stankovic and Xhabir Deralla.

Representatives of civil society organizations, political parties, the media and interested citizens are also invited to the panel discussion.

The online community is also expected to join the event through Twitter and Facebook profiles and participate with questions and comments.

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